Before beyonce whom she duplicates so terribly, I have seen homosexual men create a better job!

Before beyonce whom she duplicates so terribly, I have seen homosexual men create a better job!

And you can she was not mindful exactly what she asked for due to the fact she glared Toni such as for instance We took the manufacturer which was in love with you!

1:33 On the delusional head, I wager you might think everything you typed. Unlike having to worry from the Tamar’s really-being, whenever are you going to build one to appointment to speak with a therapist? You may have a lot of time on your hands and on your notice to go on a website typing step 3 ranting paragraphs throughout the a lady you’ve never fulfilled.

Is that an enormous babyhair shadow all over Taar, Toni and people have all damaged their faces totally. Noticed The brand new Braxton sissies from inside the a group picture where these were position in size order therefore appeared to be my dated technology publication pics on advancement out of son. Everyone is bleached out from their hair to their skin color, Fabulaxer deep-fried, wig sporting, deal with slicing and you can nostrils shrinking. Is all of the surgeries to help you Tamar’s face affecting ways the girl conditions emerge when she attempts to play. In the event that she concludes cutting right up her face, possibly she wouldn’t sound like a great billy goat bleating whenever she works!

Believe located in their elderly sister’s trace the adult lifestyle, after that ending up hitched so you can a pounds, mouth breathing punk one to nobody wants and you will acting to enjoy him for money

:33 PM-Life is Beating On TAMAR. Ultimately get a good record album away and each date you would alive the voice getaways and you can falls in order to parts throughout the phase. Now that you’ve an excellent « fanbase, » you branded him or her martians. You aren’t becoming compared to actual, young symbols eg Beyonce, Rihanna if you don’t their sis Toni. You earn lumped down on gutter to your wants of a good uncontrollable beginner RB slut like K. Michelle. I think you would browse a little washed-out in order to if you had Tamar’s existence.

2:21, I am not Tamar, but of course, which is your tired and you may asked rebuttal. Anyhow, instance We told you, worry about your own lifetime unlike Tamar’s.

:20 all of that was TaAR’s fault!!She did not have to help you get married vince she performed since the guy appreciated Toni!! She might have utilized the girl history experience to locate this lady record bargain Later if this was This lady turn(Janet don’t get going throughout the Jackson 5). She was young aunt wanting precisely what the Earlier sibling had. Why don’t Trina, Towanda, Traci seem like old, envious, ran as a consequence of hags?When the tamar got utilized this lady opportunity to own attention and you can a rather regarding jealousy she would was indeed out in the lifetime of Monica, Brandy and you may Aaliyah.Taily and had Way too many business involvement with you should be taking be noticed. She actually is understood Babyface this lady Expereince of living. She knew Vince exactly who put out gaga in advance of This lady even if they certainly were fucking. She knows Toya, she understands Kandi, she understands Monica, she knows TI and you may Small, she Knows bucks money (well).Very Taar! Vince don’t favor this lady she like him. Tamar have ensured she Never got expecting w/o him also understanding. Pills, images, actions an such like. Tamar doesn’t have an adults attitude in fact it is the sole similarity the lady and beyonce have as a common factor. Her and you will Brany sound foolish praising which Texan fool in addition they was about video game Decades ahead of this lady.Tae and you will she first got it, their just not exactly what she asked. The manner in which you so unaware that your particular individual siblings actually differing times have wished to defeat canine crap away from you towards camera. She failed to need None away from Towanda regardless of if.

:23 if you are not Tamar. Why in the HAIL is it possible you care about the thing i blogged and exactly how much time it’s? And try to slip diss? What’s LGBT dating online they to you?

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