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The national capital moved from New York to Philadelphia in 1790 and finally settled in Washington D.C. To assuage the Anti-Federalists who feared a too-powerful central government, the Congress adopted the United States Bill of Rights in 1791. Comprising the first ten amendments of the Constitution, it guaranteed individual liberties such as freedom of speech and religious practice, jury trials, and stated that citizens and states had reserved rights . Nationalists – most of them war veterans – organized in every state and convinced Congress to call the Philadelphia Convention in 1787.

Your Hometown Board of Tourism — Why spend the holidays in someplace exotic like Hawai’i when this 2012 ad reminds you that your hometown is a more affordable destination. There’s the « four-star accommodations of your childhood home, » activities such as cleaning out your parents’ garage, and exotic attractions such as your old high school. White Christmas — A trailer for « the first Black holiday movie for a white audience, » complete with a Madea-like character .

New Netherland was established in 1621 by the company to capitalize on the North American fur trade. Growth was slow at first due to mismanagement by the Dutch and Native American conflicts. After the Dutch purchased the island of Manhattan from the Native Americans for a reported price of US$24, the land was named New Amsterdam and became the capital of New Netherland. The town rapidly expanded and in the mid-1600s it became an important trading center and port. Despite being Calvinists and building the Reformed Church in America, the Dutch were tolerant of other religions and cultures and traded with the Iroquois to the north. Their most important city was Cahokia, near modern-day St. Louis, Missouri.

Hoverboards — This December 2015 ad plays up on the popularity of self-balancing scooters and their propensity to catch fire (it’s the gift that says « I hate walking, but I love fires »). Headz Up – An app that clues people into their surroundings and keeps them out of danger (e.g. « A truck is coming, » « Your wife is speaking ») while their eyes are glued to their mobile device. Green & Fazio — Attorney Barry Green and his firm specialize in personal injury cases including phantom whiplash, near-collision stress, trauma suffered by accident bystanders, and pain suffered while committing burglary, not to mention harassing defendants to settle. GEICO — « Eric Butler is a real GEICO customer, not a celebrity, » so Whitney Houston is called on to help tell his accident claim story in this parody of the insurance company’s celebrities-and-customers campaign from the mid-2000s. Gas Right – Inventor Bruce Johnson modifies his Breathe-Right nasal strips to a larger size that expands the buttocks and prevents nighttime flatulence noises.

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It was dedicated strongly to republican principles, which emphasized that people are sovereign , demanded civic duty, feared corruption, and rejected any aristocracy. The Boston Tea Party in 1773 was a direct action by activists in the town of Boston to protest against the new tax on tea. Parliament quickly responded the next year with the Intolerable Acts, stripping Massachusetts of its historic right of self-government and putting it under military rule, which sparked outrage and resistance in all thirteen colonies. Patriot leaders from every colony convened the First Continental Congress to coordinate their resistance to the Intolerable Acts. The Congress called for a boycott of British trade, published a list of rights and grievances, and petitioned the king to rectify those grievances.

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The peace treaty of 1783 established the borders of the new sovereign state. The of Confederation established a central government, but it was ineffectual at providing stability as it could not collect taxes and had no executive officer. A convention wrote a new Constitution that was adopted in 1789 and a Bill of Rights was added in 1791 to guarantee inalienable rights.

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The aromatic and spice-heavy cuisine of Straits-born Chinese are the result of over 600 years of recipes, developed and passed down through generations as zealously guarded family recipes. These days, many Peranakans have decided to open up stalls selling a range of homely Peranakan foods to indulge the little Nyonya in all of us. AKA orh luak is a southern Chinese dish made from oysters, eggs, oil, and potato starch. According to legend, oyster omelettes were created when 17th-century Dutch invaders sabotaged Taiwan’s rice supply. To save his troops from famine, a Chinese general fried oysters in sweet potato starch, creating a dish that would become a favourite among the Teochew and Hokkien communities. Otherwise known as mixed rice, refers to steamed rice that’s served with a myriad of dishes.

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William Jennings Bryan led his Democratic Party in opposition to control of the Philippines, which he denounced as imperialism unbecoming to American democracy. President William McKinley defended the acquisition and was riding high as society had returned to prosperity and felt triumphant in the war. McKinley easily defeated Bryan in a rematch in the 1900 presidential election. The Panic of 1893 broke out and was a severe nationwide depression impacting farmers, workers, and businessmen who saw prices, wages, and profits fall. The resultant political reaction fell on the Democratic Party, whose leader President Grover Cleveland shouldered much of the blame. Labor unrest involved numerous strikes, most notably the violent Pullman Strike of 1894, which was shut down by federal troops under Cleveland’s orders.

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