KFC’s Colonel Sanders Dating Sim Is Real And Coming Out On Steam Soon

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Shallow writing, unfunny, wants me to buy fried chicken. KFC has perfected the art of a marketing stunt. They’re making themselves quirky and weird and inserting themselves anywhere and everywhere — brand horniness being the latest big trend — in an effort to embed them further into our brains and our lives. Colonel Sanders comes in plenty of different flavors. Now, there’s another Colonel Sanders in I Love You, Colonel Sanders!

There’s Hatoful Boyfriend, a game in which you date pigeons and that makes an effort to present characters who are lovable and intriguing. Fried chicken fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC, is publishing its own video game on Steam where players will be able to date its mascot. A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator puts you in the shoes of a culinary student trying to woo your fellow classmate, a surprisingly buff Colonel Sanders. The game is set to be released on Steam on September 24. As part of the fast food chain’s latest marketing stunt, KFC will soon release a dating simulator featuring Colonel Sanders on Steam later this month.

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A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator is a comedic Visual Novel officially created by the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant franchise , and Psyop released via digital distribution on September 24, 2019. Austin freelanced for the likes of PC Gamer, Eurogamer, IGN, Sports Illustrated, and more while finishing his journalism degree, and he’s been with GamesRadar+ since 2019. They’ve yet to realize that his position as a staff writer is just a cover up for his career-spanning Destiny column, and he’s kept the ruse going with a focus on news and the occasional feature. In the end, « I Love You Colonel Sanders » is another viral marketing stunt from KFC, but it’s a complete game and could certainly be much worse. Seriously, expect to see tons of KFC menu items prominently displayed across the screen. As you get deeper into the story, things just get more and more outrageous.

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I can’t recommend that anyone else play KFC’s dating sim, but it certainly can’t be worse for you than KFC’s new fried chicken & doughnut sandwich. By the end of the game, I didn’t feel as though Colonel Sanders was my love interest. For the main character’s final exam, I teamed up with Colonel Sanders to make a KFC Famous Bowl, the truly nausea inducing combination of chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Zoning back into the bare minimum, we arrive at sound design. I would have expected a KFC dating sim to incorporate more of a country-styled soundtrack, but it’s pretty sterile fare.

About This Game

For what it is, you’ll get about an hour of humorous — but not hilarious — story to experience. You may learn a little bit about KFC’s founder as well. But more than anything else, the game’s detailed artwork of KFC menu items may make you want to go to the fast food establishment. But as a visual novel, you’d easily be able to play something much better than I Love You, Colonel Sanders for free or just a few dollars. Like most Choose Your Own Adventure games, this is fairly standard click ‘n’ go.

Will be released for free on Steam on September 24. « I Love You Colonel Sanders » is a real computer game published by KFC. But at the end of the day, it DID make me want to eat some KFC. This was surprisingly effective as an advertisement as well as as a game so it did its job. The options are often limited or really obvious, except for one ‘boss fight’ where the ‘right’ combination that is needed for the best ending is borderline random. The game also tries a little too hard at the ‘lol random’ humor.

Another sequence involves answering rapid-fire questions under a time limit, which was admittedly stressful. These were the only two instances where Psyop decided to do more than the bare minimum, continuing to follow a generally-linear path to the end. To that end, it’s nothing I didn’t expect, so it’s not something I found any more disappointing.

Although he’s just another student, he is far better at cooking than basically any of the other students aside from the protagonist. Throughout the short game you’ll be thrown a handful of dialogue choices. Some don’t affect much while ones pertaining to the Colonel determine which ending you receive. For a game with a concept that involves dating Colonel Sanders it’s incredibly boring and not really as funny as you would think it would be.

Though KFC is the company behind all this, the developer is actually Psyops, who are known for developing the VR fortune telling game Kismet, which received generally positive reviews back in 2017. February brings popular sequels and new franchises to the horror scene and this list covers the biggest games releasing this month in 2023. A Finger-Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator is now available on Windows PC. The game was reviewed on PC, using a copy provided by the company.

The real Colonel Sanders was born on September 9, 1890, so Monday would have been his 129th birthday. Digital Trends called the KFC media hotline to confirm that the company was involved in making in the game, but we haven’t heard back from them yet. CNET reports myladyboydate com that a KFC representative has confirmed that it’s the real thing. The characters in the game are bog-standard anime archetypes. Colonel Sanders himself is a handsome and effortless bishonen, a mysterious pretty boy with the emotional depth of a paper plate.